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WHY? – These Hands / January Twenty Something

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Safe Travels: A Mix for Johnny Disaster


As reported before Johnny Disaster will be departing from his regular schedule on the Porch to join the Peace Corps. Johnny (aka Matt Orr) is a longtime friend, groomsman, and fellow lover of music. Orr has been a pillar of influence in my musical interests and we’ve often wandered down similar listening paths. This mix is comprised of tracks that make me think of him and the numerous jams he’s brought before my nose.

So here’s one last bike ride with Johnny Disaster before he embarks on his latest adventure!

:::  DOWNLOAD > Safe Travels: A Mix for Johnny Disaster  :::

1. Devendra Banhart – “At The Hop”
2. Peter & The Wolf – “Safe Travels”
3. The Kinks – “Johnny Thunder”
4. Daniel Johnston – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances”
5. Black Dice – “Cloud Pleaser”
6. Why? – “Miss Ohio is Nameless”
7. Animal Collective – “Banshee Beat”
8. Vetiver – “Down At El Rio”

Themselves on the Porch



My first instinct when I get an interview back with no adherence to capitalization, punctuation, or sentence structure is to clean it up, fix the ‘errors,’ and in this particular case, rewrite the whole thing. Then I thought, ‘Wait, Themselves‘ music seems to mirror this interview-in-the-raw too well to lay the grimy hands of grammar on it.’ Below is an interview with the dudes that have long been known for letting their unbridled muse loose to thrash about inside their songs – now it is on the Porch.


Mixtape (zip-file): Themselves – FREEhoudini

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Friday Feel, Don’t Stop Now!

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1. Marlena Shaw – “California Soul” (Diplo Remix)
2. Dirty Projectors – “Useful Chamber”
3. Cryptacize – “Tail & Mane”
4. WHY? – “The Blackest Purse”
5. Ducktails – “Parasailing”

I’m on a HUGE Ducktails frenzy right now and they have a new 7″ out with Julian Lynch!

You can snag it here. I Sooooo ordered it and their LP.

Friday Feel 29


Yoni Wolf is the master of pop-inflected psychedelic folk-hop. He and his pals at Anticon are always making something hip and it’s safe to say that all the dudes on the Porch are fans. In fact, we’ve even met the dude at SXSW and he’s a gem in person and on stage. Which makes his music even better (in my opinion).


Today’s mix celebrates Yoni’s craft, friendliness, beats, and killer lyrics. It was sooper difficult to pick tracks for this, but I decided to give a diverse range. IT’s ALLLLL GOOOD! I selected the album opener from his latest record Alopecia, a killer collab track, the first Why? song I ever heard, a cover, another collab, and a classic hit. Then again, he ONLY plays the hits. I hope you enjoy!

::: Download Friday Feel 29 – Yoni Knows Best :::

1. Why? – “The Vowels Pt. 2”
2. cLOUDDEAD – “Dead Dogs Two”
3. Why? – “Miss Ohio’s Nameless”
4. Xiu Xiu – “The Wig Master” (Covered by Why?)
5. Hymie’s Basement – “All Them Boys”
6. Why? – “Crushed Bones”

Also, a friendly reminder that The Hooded Deer will be throwing down at Good Records tomorrow night! Come check out all the bands, freeeee stuff, and I’ve designed several new tees for Record Store Day!