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Юрий Чернавский’s Porch Premiere!

Юрий Чернавский, or Yury Chernavsky is the Russian mastermind behind the underground, under-realized, and completely demented music world of his own making. Sometimes within his musical treasure chest you’ll find abrasive, acid-pop ditties, which leave a listener such as myself completely behind. Other times he pulls the chaos into a cohesion that is delightfully ragged, endearingly homemade, and even at times, vision-inducing. The latter kind of song you will find linked up below so go on and take a listen for yourself if you think I’m kidding.

Mp3: Юрий Чернавский – Про ржавый гвоздь (About a Rusty Nail)

Rondo on the Porch

This debut, self-titled album, from the Soviet group calling themselves ‘Rondo’ dates back to 1986. On the eve of the Soviet Union’s implosion, these guys were partying it up like there was no tomorrow, which turned out to be a fairly noble outlook after all. This track has an unmistakably 80s vibe to it, as does the rest of the album, and as you will soon find, the album cover above is not gimmicky whatsoever, they take their saxophone solos quite seriously.

Mp3: Rondo – Pochtalion

НИИ КОСМЕТИКИ on the Porch

НИИ КОСМЕТИКИ or the Scientific Research Institute of Cosmetics are a rather extraordinary Soviet pop group who I’d say win the title of having the best band name translated into English. The group was created in 1984 by a certain Michael “Methodius” Yevsenkov in a cellar in the Moscow underground, which is where they stayed for most of their career. This relatively obscure group, even in their own time, make some of the most wonderful lo-fi jams one could ever hope to hear within an average lifespan. Please do yourself a favor, and savor the wonder below.

Mp3: НИИ Косметики – Верю (I trust)

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