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Here’s a Summer mix which has a little something for everybody; dancehall interludes, DJ Screw, plenty of guitar jangling, and lots of fuzzzzz.


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Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1

This is the Summer Mix. Download the first track below for a sample of the wonder you could instantly subject yourself to just by clicking on the 2nd link which will take you to a place on the internet where all the songs in Summa Sweats are waiting for you, bundled. The 3rd link will reveal the Track List. Whichever link you choose, Enjoy!

Mp3: 1. Cause Co-Motion! – Who’s Gonna Care?

***Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1***

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Congos, Porched

The Congos are a vocal group from Jamaica maan who in 1977 went deep into the Black Ark with the immortal and mind-expanding Lee Scratch Perry to record an album which would come to be known as Heart of the Congos which if you listen below to a cut from that record you’ll see that they produced some heady results. I haven’t listened to dub in a long time, but this album brought it all back for me; the colorfulness, the murkiness (henceforth known as murky rainbow quality), and that certain vibing with no curtains on the windows.

Mp3: Congos – La La Bam-Bam

Salva López

Photography of Salva López




Friday Feel 49 – Hold Onto the Summer


So summer is so last week, but don’t you forget about all those hazy memories! Hang onto the sunshine and enjoy this cooler weather while reminiscing on those radiant beams of summer.

::: DOWNLOAD > Friday Feel 49 – Hold Onto the Summer :::

1. Brian Eno – “On Some Faraway Beach”
2. Panda Bear – “Track 4”
3. Ducktails – “Let’s Rock the Beach”
4. Animal Collective – “Seal Eyeing”
5. Memory Cassette – “Surfin (Sail A Whale Version)”

SVZ: Summer Ah Sing (2008)

Summer Ah Sing

Thank you for coming to revel in our Summer Vibe Zone throughout the warm season. This micro-mix from last summer keeps the sunshine on your cheekbones and Godspeed in your heart.

1. M83 ft. Avey Tare – Birds
2. Yabby You – Conquering Dub
3. Flick Wilson – Rocking Chair
*Mp3: 4. Strwck – Waloo*
5. T. Rex – Mambo Sun
6. Peter Sarstedt – Frozen Orange Juice

*-*Summer Ah Sing (2008) [zip file]*-*

SVZ: Some Summer ’07


This week’s installment of the Summer Vibe Zone will take you on a trip back in time to the Summer of 2007; won’t you come?

1. Bill Callahan – Footprints
2. Giantess – (Make Love) On the Beds of Rivers
3. Black Dice – Cloud Pleaser
4. Jane Birkin – Waterloo Station
5. Skygreen Leopards – Disciples of California

DL: VA – Some Summer (2007)

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