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Центр on the Porch

‘Center’ was formed during the late ’70s in Moscow behind the Iron Curtain. Much of the world’s inhabitants, including their fellow comrades in the Soviet Union, were never made aware of such formation and subsequent rocking the group would go on to do. Oh boy, what a tragedy! Now, to amend that, I recommend that you listen to the tracks below. Such flippancy, such playfulness, such cool bass licks. The gems below were released in 1983. 

Mp3: Центр – Умный (Smart)

Mp3: Центр – Навсегда (Forever)



Matthew Koons, a dear friend of the Porch, has been jamming with a new band called Kamfgrounds. They just released a demo and is avaible for FREE download through Paperstain.

DOWNLOAD > Kampfgrounds – DEMOS [2009]

Matthew’s previous Porch contributions:
Veldtundra – Vintage Summer
Sunshine Drips & Fallen Branches

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