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Headed Home

After living in the former Soviet territory of Ukraine for over two years I’m headed home. To commemorate this earth shaking occasion I made a mix on that very theme and named it ‘Headed Home.’ I don’t yet know what else I will listen to on my 4 flights that will span a full day, but at least I have 17 full minutes planned and accounted for. In the traditional Friday Feel style, it consists of 5 songs all recorded as one long track. And the winners are;

1. M. Ward – To Go Home (Daniel Johnston Cover)
2. Smith Casey & Roger Gill – When I Git Home
3. Brian Eno & David Byrne – Home
4. Wooden Wand – Dogpaddlin’ Home in Line with My Lord
5. Simon & Garfunkel – Keep the Customer Satisfied

Mp3: V.A. – Headed Home

Форум on the Porch

Forum was formed in the spring of 1983 in St. Petersburg. Sasha Morozov was responsible for the band’s formation; in the Lou Pearlman tradition, he got all of these dudes together who played different instruments who otherwise didn’t know each other, but unlike Pearlman, Morozov knew what he was doing as will be evident when you listen to the tracks below. For those of you looking forward to O-Town harmonies, well, the world is not with you. The year after their formation they released their debut album, pictured above, White Night. The following songs are from that album. Have a listen! 

Mp3: Форум – Белая Hoчь (White Night)

Mp3: Форум – Давайте Созвонимся (Let’s Phone)

Braveyard – EArly Years

Dear Readership, as a token of my appreciation for your dedication to this endeavor here I have collected five songs that I made using a stolen keyboard and a busted karaoke machine for your enjoyment. As you can tell by now these songs are not high-class, nor are they high-quality, but my hope is that they are able to do a little something for you. Please enjoy them, and take them forever sitting in your heart, where they may light a cigarette for you someday, or better yet give you the courage needed to help you cheat off of a classmate during a dreadful English test.

Mp3: Braveyard – Glory Be Ours, in this Braveyard

Braveyard – EArly Years (zip file – all 5 ditties)

SVZ: Some Summer ’07


This week’s installment of the Summer Vibe Zone will take you on a trip back in time to the Summer of 2007; won’t you come?

1. Bill Callahan – Footprints
2. Giantess – (Make Love) On the Beds of Rivers
3. Black Dice – Cloud Pleaser
4. Jane Birkin – Waterloo Station
5. Skygreen Leopards – Disciples of California

DL: VA – Some Summer (2007)

Sport these musicians.


Sonmi returns to the Porch!

Julia Sonmi Heglund [previously mentioned] returns to the Porch with a thunder, stop & a clap clap. She’s not only cooked up a killer compilation but has totally outdone herself with the accompanying artwork!

Do yourself a favor…download and enjoy!

:::DOWNLOAD “Tiger in the Mine” by Julia Sonmi Heglund:::
1. The Low Lows – “Dear Flies, Love Spider”
2. Avey Tare – “I’m Your Eagle Kisser”
3. The Beach Boys – “Sail Plane Song”
4. Medicine – “A Short Happy Life”
5. Margo Guryan – “Sunday Morning”
6. The Space Lady – “Major Tom”
7. Silver Apples – “Misty Mountain”
8. Portishead – “The Rip”
9. Mahjongg – “Free Grooverider”
10. Gang Gang Dance – “Blue Nile”
11. Beach House – “Gila”
12. Mary Hopkin – “Lord of the Reedy River”
13. Primal Scream – “Inner Flight”
14. Ennio Morricone – “Ringo Rides Again”
15. Caribou – “Irene”
16. Echoes of Incas – “Aranjuez”
17. Kraftwerk – Elektrisches Roulette
18. Múm – Guilty Rocks


sonmi’s flickr

*I apologize most celery for all the link mishaps. the Amazing SONMI is hosting it herself!



Here’s some trippy tribal riff raff! Hope you enjoy.

Diplo + Santogold – “Lights Out” (Diplos Panda Bear Mix)
DJ STV SLV – “Drippy I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T”
Dennis DJ – “Jonathan Li”
Deise Tigrona – Injeção
Esau Mwamwaya – Tengazako

Matthew Koons – “Sunshine Drips & Fallen Branches”

Matthew Koons is another Denton,TX friend of the Porch. He has incredible taste in music and an infinite personality. (This fella treated me to a fine time at SXSW 2006)

Matthew’s mix is a friendly blend of ethereal slow burners and straight forward tropical rhythms. Delight in the fine mixture of exotic melodies lapping on the shore to help transition from laughing summer days dripping with sunlight into the gentle coolness of the autumnal equinox. A veritable host of Koon’s most respected artists are stopping in to help you fold up the tank tops and pull out the sweaters and longjohns!

DOWNLOAD “Sunshine Drips & Fallen Branches”

Total running time: 42:35

Track listing:
1. Ennio Morricone – For A Few Dollars More theme
2. S.E. Rogie – Twist with the Morning Stars
3. Deerhunter – Dot Gain
4. Psychic Ills – Electric Life
4. T. Rex – Jeepster
6. Caetano Veloso – Badaue
7. Thistle – Hands of Smoke
8. Animal Collective – From A Beach
9. Alton Ellis – Ain’t That Lovin’ You
10. Fantastic Magic – Sea of Gold
11. High Places – Golden
12. Big Cherry – Come in Bonzo
13. Megapuss – Lavender Blimp
14. Ruby Suns – Ole Rinka


*original drawing by Matthew Koons, himself