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Fergus & Geronimo Release New LP!

Fergus & Geronimo are two fellas from Denton who moved to Brooklyn, whatever. You don’t need to know the migratory habits of the people behind the instruments to feel down right righteous when you plug in your stereo and jam their new long player, Funky was the State of Affairs. A record which may at first baffle, but soon reward those who believe in the transcendental power of paranoia. Paranoia isn’t the only thing going on here; This record is awash with themes both silly (intergalactic love affairs) and serious (cloned drones). As for its sound, just think of the most far out Devo record that could ever possibly be imagined and then add some sax.

Mp3: Fergus & Geronimo – No Parties



Here’s a Summer mix which has a little something for everybody; dancehall interludes, DJ Screw, plenty of guitar jangling, and lots of fuzzzzz.


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Gregory Whitehead on the Porch; Another Way Forward

Gregory Whitehead seems to be a modern day rebel, with a very specific cause, that is the furtherance of radio liberation from the tightly gripping, rather banal hands of media groups that control this precious resource. Gregory’s analogy, which likens radio’s power in accessing the nethers of the mind to spelunking a familiar, yet foreign upon closer examination cave, may be helpful in understanding the importance of the medium for him. Far from radio’s daily waves of news, opinion-mongerers, and dumbing music, there is Gregory’s vision, “Another Way Forward.”

Mp3: Gregory Whitehead – If a Voice Like, Then What?

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