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Bobby Chiz – “Vibe Tech” Video

Mississippi boy Bobby Chiz (member of Dead Gaze & Dent May) has released a debut homemade psych-pop jam and video titled “Vibe Tech.”

Shah Shah Shahs

Shahs are misleadingly just one guy named Tom Helgerson, who creates warm, electronic bedroom-pop straight out of Montana. His Divine Interest EP, from which the below Mp3 comes from, is a lo-fi gem, completely blown-out and occasionally peaking. The quality of the recording becomes the perfect setting for Helgerson’s howling, passionate vocals that are interrupted intermittently by quirky keyboards. Always there remains a bubbling bass underneath it all and an echoey scratching that somehow kindles a homogeneity where you might expect to find chaos. Take a listen for yourself below to hear the wrangling of the warbling.

Mp3: Shahs – Handreader


It’s totally friday and I’m heading west to Texas today! on behalf of the Porch i hope you enjoy this week’s micromix filled with lo-fi delights. I can’t get enough of Julianna Barwick and this Reckoner remix is so gorgeous.


The Microphones – I Want Wind To Blow
Broadcast – Black Cat
Castanets – No Voice Was Raised
Paavoharju – Mitä Sinä Et Ole
Radiohead – Reckoner (Julianna Barwick Remix)