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Here’s a Summer mix which has a little something for everybody; dancehall interludes, DJ Screw, plenty of guitar jangling, and lots of fuzzzzz.


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Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1

This is the Summer Mix. Download the first track below for a sample of the wonder you could instantly subject yourself to just by clicking on the 2nd link which will take you to a place on the internet where all the songs in Summa Sweats are waiting for you, bundled. The 3rd link will reveal the Track List. Whichever link you choose, Enjoy!

Mp3: 1. Cause Co-Motion! – Who’s Gonna Care?

***Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1***

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Keep the Keepsies!!!

Keepsies keep their music fresh by only eating premiere produce from only the most meticulously stacked displays of fruits and vegetables in their neighborhood supermarket, or it could come from inside of them, and not necessarily be triggered by vitamins and nutrients. Either way they’re a couple of peeps from Brookland who play some stellar music and are on the rise – percecptible by their recent show at the Cake Shop in Manhattan and a total throwback tape release in the works. Catch them in their infancy, and listen to them grow!

Check Mp3 Out: Keepsies – Saturday

Bonus Artwork After Jumping!!!

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