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A SWANN – “Very Ancient Variations”

A SWANN - Very Ancient Variations

A good friend of the Porch, Austin Swann, has contributed a killer mix for your listening pleasure. A SWANN is a talented lad currently residing in Denton, TX. He is a gentleman of the night and also contributes to the music blog yeahdef.

The mix he procured takes the listener from crunchy electro-house to the tropical Balearic beat scene in Sweden, from minimal cerebral techno to old school thumpers. Headphones or a solid sound system suggested to get your heartbeat up and your head spinnin’. You can find some of A SWANN’s original homemade tracks at myspace.com/austinswann

Total Running Time: 56:22
Total Number of Faggy Techno Songs: 9

 DOWNLOAD: A SWANN “Very Ancient Variations” Mix

1) Lemonade – “Real Slime First Bounce” (Mashepest remix)
2) HEALTH – “Triceratops” (Acid Girls remix B)
3) Atlas Sound – Excerpt from Microremix #1
4) Yeasayer – “Ah, Weir”
5) Brian Eno and David Byrne – “Regiment”
6) Gary Numan – “M.E.”
7) Women – “Black Rice”
8) Boat Club – “Always Away”
9) Air France – “Karibean”
10) Studio – “No Comply”
11) Lindstrøm – “The Long Way Home”
12) Pantha du Prince – “Asha”
13) M83 – “Coleurs”
14) Vitalic – “Trahison”
15) Jürgen Paape – “So Weit Wie Noch Nie”
16) Memory Cassette – “Surfin”