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Headed Home

After living in the former Soviet territory of Ukraine for over two years I’m headed home. To commemorate this earth shaking occasion I made a mix on that very theme and named it ‘Headed Home.’ I don’t yet know what else I will listen to on my 4 flights that will span a full day, but at least I have 17 full minutes planned and accounted for. In the traditional Friday Feel style, it consists of 5 songs all recorded as one long track. And the winners are;

1. M. Ward – To Go Home (Daniel Johnston Cover)
2. Smith Casey & Roger Gill – When I Git Home
3. Brian Eno & David Byrne – Home
4. Wooden Wand – Dogpaddlin’ Home in Line with My Lord
5. Simon & Garfunkel – Keep the Customer Satisfied

Mp3: V.A. – Headed Home

Take to the Sea

Take To The Sea

Take to the Sea by: Matt Orr

I hope you have as much fun listening to this collection of Sea-Sun-Summer inspired songs as I did making it.

Mp3: 1. Nina Simone – Sun Pills
2. Zuzu, Bruk Back, Earl Cunningham, Anthony Malvo, Papa Iword, & Anthony Blackwood – Grange Hill Freestyle pt. I
3. Brian Eno v. Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Another Green New York
4. S.E. Rogie – The Gospel
5. Horace Andy – Feel Good
6. Desmond Dekker & the Aces– Shanty Town
7. Peter Tsotsi, Nashil Pichen, & the Equator Sound – Pole Musa
8. Zuzu, Bruk Back, Earl Cunningham, Anthony Malvo, Papa Iword, & Anthony Blackwood – Grange Hill Freestyle pt. II
Mp3: 9. Rihanna ft. Collie Budz – Gang of Umbrellas (You’re Dry)
10. Cowsills – Minus Umbrellas, In the Park with Flowers
11. James Jackson Toth – Coney Island Park
12. Lou Reed – Perfect Day
13. Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill
14. Excepter v. Christy Azuma & Uppers International v. Shangri-Las – Remember Naam
15. Dixie Cups – People Say
Mp3: 16. Brian Eno – Everything Merges with the Night
17. Caetano Veloso – Farewell
18. Cleveland Simmons & Taylor – I May Be Gone

*Take to the Sea pt. I (zip file)*

*Take to the Sea pt. II (zip file)*

Note: This mix is not actually supposed to be divided into two parts. It is divided only to make the downloading process smoother and more efficient.

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JAMES JACKSON TOTH lights his torch on our Porch

Is it a coincidence that James Jackson Toth (formerly Wooden Wand) and I both have AOL email accounts? Is it a coincidence that his favorite Sun City Girls’ album is titled Torch of the Mystics? Is it a coincidence that his favorite album of his is Second Attention, which just so happens to be my favorite as well. I think not, these are no mere coincidences, his presence on our Porch was predestined by fate. When we chatted via cell-phones, James was somewhere between Buffalo, New York and Bloomington, Indiana, touring for his new album Waiting In Vain, out now on Rykodisc. In Toth’s own words, Waiting In Vain is “kind of about temptation and redemption, and the varying ways you can view these things.” He told me he was not wearing his seat belt, and yes he was driving while talking on his cell-phone. More importantly James does not wear his seat belt on the highway of life, traffic laws are like your mother’s precautions, and you alas are not your own mother.

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