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White Rainbow X Pauly Shore

City Center on the Porch


City Center makes effects-driven experimental pop, the staple niche for many groups nowadays such as High Places and Animal Collective, but with more experiments, and less pop. Not a disadvantage by any means, rather each song seems to swim, and they realize this as well with their sea-centric artwork, through layers of indecipherable, yet warm sounds. Throw in some acoustic strumming or tribal percussion, hell sometimes even both, to pull it all back together, and you’ve got City Center at their best. Without further Delay, please check out the interview.

Mp3: City Center – Gladest

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Themselves on the Porch



My first instinct when I get an interview back with no adherence to capitalization, punctuation, or sentence structure is to clean it up, fix the ‘errors,’ and in this particular case, rewrite the whole thing. Then I thought, ‘Wait, Themselves‘ music seems to mirror this interview-in-the-raw too well to lay the grimy hands of grammar on it.’ Below is an interview with the dudes that have long been known for letting their unbridled muse loose to thrash about inside their songs – now it is on the Porch.


Mixtape (zip-file): Themselves – FREEhoudini

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Cold Cave on the Porch


Cold Cave plays gloom-synth-pop constructed from the thin air that floats between the hard-knock city of Philadelphia and the bright, dirty NYC. Wes, the central conspirator of Cold Cave, came by the Porch to ruminate about astrological signs as inspiration, beauty & sorrow, but the main reason he’s here is to practice his conversation skills.

Mp3: Cold Cave – Cebe & Me

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Silk Flowers on the Porch

Picture 1

In only a few weeks Silk Flowers have embedded their morose pop carnival far enough into my psyche’ to make me think “Won’t children still want candy at the end of the world?” Silk Flowers are giving the sticky stuff away with a smile. On the Porch today they talk about their New York residence, dream dictionaries, and the all important aspiration to dull the isolation between us.

Mp3: Silk Flowers – Shadows in Daylight

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Men & Women on the Porch


Chances are you’ve never listened to Men & Women, a four piece noise/dance band from Brooklyn, but you can believe they are creating music you will enjoy. A few weeks back I caught their set which consisted of heavy doses of shredding and feedback with a beat that steadily bubbled underneath the chaos pulling the sounds back together into an enjoyable mass. Unfortunately, the song below is not very indicative of their current sound, but should give some idea of where these guys are coming from.

Mp3: Men & Women – Flowing Blood

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Crime Novels on the Porch


I was more open minded than normal because of the general strangeness that lingered in the Halloween-night air, but I was still taken aback by Crime Novels‘ set, which consisted of Ellery Samson parading around the multi-neon painted garage/venue in scrubs, weaving in and out of the crowd, while screaming lyrics over a glitchy pattern of drum machine pops and bass bumps. That was over a year ago, and since then I’ve come to appreciate Samson’s act without under-standing the gist of it until now; a one man show dedicated to sadness.

Mp3: Crime Novels – Cats & Rats

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