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Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1

This is the Summer Mix. Download the first track below for a sample of the wonder you could instantly subject yourself to just by clicking on the 2nd link which will take you to a place on the internet where all the songs in Summa Sweats are waiting for you, bundled. The 3rd link will reveal the Track List. Whichever link you choose, Enjoy!

Mp3: 1. Cause Co-Motion! – Who’s Gonna Care?

***Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1***

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Can’t Get Enuff of King Tuff

King Tuff is a guitar toting young man whose brand of re-imagined glam rock from Vermont is so immediately infectious that you might break out in hives on the very first listen. What makes the King so Tuff for me is his earnest, homey lyrics, whereas stylistically he should be singing about ballrooms on Mars and space balls ricocheting (see T. Rex), the kind of abstruse, yet dreamy world that glammers seemed to inhabit in the ’70s. King Tuff has left behind the make-up of yesteryear in favor of an unshaven perspective embedded in a reality where rock stars have grandmas, even if they still don’t care what they think.

Mp3: King Tuff – Freak When I’m Dead