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Cold Waves & Minimal Electronics Comp.

I picked up this compilation, Cold Waves & Minimal Electronics, over the summer when I was back in the States, and what a find, I mean what a find! This is a fairly unique collection of some overlooked and long-forgotten 80s groups who were involved in a genre of music called, as the title suggests, Coldwave or Minimal Synth. The track that I’ve chosen to represent the larger body of work was made by a certain French group, End of Data. You’ll find in this track the basic elements that make up the compilation; loads of energy, majestic synths, a pulsating beat, ingenious minimal electronic arrangements, and that unmistakable 80s vibe that everyone must have got from doing cocaine. This track is exceptionally awesome because of its playful vocals, which as you will soon find out, will have you wanting to yell out “Ooo-way!” at various times in your day.

Mp3: End of Data – Dans Votre Monde

Cold Cave on the Porch


Cold Cave plays gloom-synth-pop constructed from the thin air that floats between the hard-knock city of Philadelphia and the bright, dirty NYC. Wes, the central conspirator of Cold Cave, came by the Porch to ruminate about astrological signs as inspiration, beauty & sorrow, but the main reason he’s here is to practice his conversation skills.

Mp3: Cold Cave – Cebe & Me

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Crime Novels on the Porch


I was more open minded than normal because of the general strangeness that lingered in the Halloween-night air, but I was still taken aback by Crime Novels‘ set, which consisted of Ellery Samson parading around the multi-neon painted garage/venue in scrubs, weaving in and out of the crowd, while screaming lyrics over a glitchy pattern of drum machine pops and bass bumps. That was over a year ago, and since then I’ve come to appreciate Samson’s act without under-standing the gist of it until now; a one man show dedicated to sadness.

Mp3: Crime Novels – Cats & Rats

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