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Chris Cohen’s Mix


As mentioned before, I’m very happy to release Chris Cohen’s exclusive mix for Porch of Mystics! Like his other mixes, Awkward Shadow is filled with ancient treasures from other worlds. The Tom Zé track is a definite standout for me, and I also really dig the Van Dyke Parks arrangements on track 16.

Download a single mp3: Awkward Shadow by Chris Cohen
Or you can download Chris Cohen’s original zip with all the mp3s!

01. Henry Cowell – “Aeolian Harp and Sinster Resonance”
02. Caroliner Rainbow Grace Blocs Used in the Placement of the Personality – “Sprillowed Sprawling…”
03. Harry Partch – “San Francisco Newsboy Cries”
04. Llaqi Me Shocket – “Edhe Guret E Sokakut Per Ty Bejne Shiqaet”
05. Girma Beyne – “Set Alamenem (I Don’t Trust Woman)
06. Duy Khan – Track 02
07. Toots & The Maytals – “54-46 Was My Number”
08. JV Raghavulu – “Ontariga Unnanoo”
09. Juaneco Y Su Combo – “Linda Nena”
10. Jenny Johnson, Gil Johnson, Avis Cole, Marita Günther – “String Quartet for Four Female Voices”
11. Lotte Lenya – “Akt 2-04 Die Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit”
12. Tom Zé – “Toc”
13. Denise Darlington – “War No Right”
14. Bill Moss – “Sock to Em Soul Brother”
15. The Pearl Sisters – unknown
16. Van Dyke Parks – “Datsun Commercial”
17. Myriam Makeba – “Djiguinira”
18. Meat Puppets – “Out in the Gardener”
19. Sister Rosetta Tharpe – “Sit Down”


Cryptacize is currently supporting Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti on a few shows!

Mar 27 2009 Minneapolis, Minnesota @ Triple Rock w/Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Haunted House
Mar 28 2009 Chicago, Illinois @ Empty Bottle w/Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
Mar 29 2009 Pontiac, Michigan @ Pike Room w/Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and Gardens
Mar 30 2009 Buffalo, New York @ Mohawk w/Cex
Mar 31 2009 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Saint March Collective

Chris Cohen / Cryptacize


Chris Cohen (ex-Deerhoof guitarist / The Curtains /Cryptacize) is a talented gentleman. He’s been posting some fantastic mixes on his blog.

Mix #1 – A Rainbow’s Revenge

Mix #2 – Find Someone

Mix #3 – The Eternal City

These mixes are filled with gems of all decades and have a really nice flow. With that said, I’m excited to announce that Chris is working on a mix just for the Porch! I do believe thatAsthmatic Kitty is just full of nice people. Two thumbs up and a big grin for that label.

You can snag tracks from Cryptacize’s Mythomania on GvsB, My Old Kentucky, and Stereogum.



Bicycle themed Friday Feel Mix!
Hope you enjoy.

:::Download FRIDAY FEEL 14:::

Peter & The Wolf – “The Bike of Jonas”
Ann Tiley & Rick Roberts – “Bicycling”
TV on the Radio – “Bicycles Are Red Hot”
Deerhoof – “Midnight Bicycle Mystery”
cLOUDDEAD – “Physics of a Bicycle”
Animal Collective – “Flesh Canoe”

JAMES JACKSON TOTH lights his torch on our Porch

Is it a coincidence that James Jackson Toth (formerly Wooden Wand) and I both have AOL email accounts? Is it a coincidence that his favorite Sun City Girls’ album is titled Torch of the Mystics? Is it a coincidence that his favorite album of his is Second Attention, which just so happens to be my favorite as well. I think not, these are no mere coincidences, his presence on our Porch was predestined by fate. When we chatted via cell-phones, James was somewhere between Buffalo, New York and Bloomington, Indiana, touring for his new album Waiting In Vain, out now on Rykodisc. In Toth’s own words, Waiting In Vain is “kind of about temptation and redemption, and the varying ways you can view these things.” He told me he was not wearing his seat belt, and yes he was driving while talking on his cell-phone. More importantly James does not wear his seat belt on the highway of life, traffic laws are like your mother’s precautions, and you alas are not your own mother.

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