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Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1

This is the Summer Mix. Download the first track below for a sample of the wonder you could instantly subject yourself to just by clicking on the 2nd link which will take you to a place on the internet where all the songs in Summa Sweats are waiting for you, bundled. The 3rd link will reveal the Track List. Whichever link you choose, Enjoy!

Mp3: 1. Cause Co-Motion! – Who’s Gonna Care?

***Got Them Summa Sweats Vol. ∞.1***

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Юрий Чернавский’s Porch Premiere!

Юрий Чернавский, or Yury Chernavsky is the Russian mastermind behind the underground, under-realized, and completely demented music world of his own making. Sometimes within his musical treasure chest you’ll find abrasive, acid-pop ditties, which leave a listener such as myself completely behind. Other times he pulls the chaos into a cohesion that is delightfully ragged, endearingly homemade, and even at times, vision-inducing. The latter kind of song you will find linked up below so go on and take a listen for yourself if you think I’m kidding.

Mp3: Юрий Чернавский – Про ржавый гвоздь (About a Rusty Nail)

Gary War Protests Reality

Long time Ariel Pink graffiti gang member, Gary War, has set out to build his own reverb induced world, and has achieved similar, yet distinctly different results. Fans of Pink should certainly dig War’s style since both rely heavy on the bedroom recording aesthetic for their initial allure, but where War begins to wander away is by not settling into clarity, instead living in the fuzz from his sweet guitar licks. There is a certain weightlessness to said fuzz that I find particularly appealing. War’s been busy and has already released two full lengths, Horribles Parade and New Raytheonport, plus a handful of singles and EPs. Check out this sound!

Gary War – Reality Protest

НИИ КОСМЕТИКИ on the Porch

НИИ КОСМЕТИКИ or the Scientific Research Institute of Cosmetics are a rather extraordinary Soviet pop group who I’d say win the title of having the best band name translated into English. The group was created in 1984 by a certain Michael “Methodius” Yevsenkov in a cellar in the Moscow underground, which is where they stayed for most of their career. This relatively obscure group, even in their own time, make some of the most wonderful lo-fi jams one could ever hope to hear within an average lifespan. Please do yourself a favor, and savor the wonder below.

Mp3: НИИ Косметики – Верю (I trust)

Read more about НИИ КОСМЕТИКИ!

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Friday Feel 22


This week I decided to make a mix and release it on friday…for the 22nd time.

It features Skeletons (girl faced boys/ kings of all cities), one of my favorite bands from Brooklyn. Blood On The Wall, WAVVES, and No Age all thrash the pavement and make me think of SXSW. City Center is new for me. Their track, “This is How We Do It In The Dark,” is a panning lo-fi sonic collision. While you find yourself listening to lo-fi, might as well throw in a track from Mister Wyrd Pop Master Ariel Pfiiiink. Hope you enjoy!

::: DOWNLOAD Friday Feel 22 :::

1. Skeletons – “The Things”
2. Blood On The Wall – “Rize”
4. No Age – “Boy Void” / “I Wanna Sleep”
5. City Center – “This is How We See In The Dark”
6. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Haunted Graffiti”

Friday Feel 18


Here’s my mix for uhhh last friday…I’m in the midst of wedding planning, moving, and job hunting.

I (the hooded deer) plan to post a couple more friday feels in 2008, but will be taking a brief break in January to honeymoon then move to AUSTIN with my young bride!

I plan to return with some fresh ideas in February. Keep your jackets zipped and I hope you enjoy this mix.


Bodies of Water – “I Guess We’ll Forget the Sound, I Guess, I Guess”
Alela Diane – “White As Diamonds”
Horse Feathers – “Curs in the Weeds”
Bosque Brown – “Went Walking”
Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Can’t Hear My Eyes”

CHAIRLIFT stop by the Porch

Credit: Mattie Stafford

I’m not going to go into how hard it was for Caroline of Chairlift to time her jump onto our porch from her chair lift, let’s just rejoice in the fact that she did get here safely. Things have been looking up for the Brooklyn-based band as of late. Their debut album, Does You Inspire You, is out now on iTunes, and will be released through Kanine Records on October 28th in a more physical form. Chairlift has just finished up touring with underground garbled psych legend, Ariel Pink, as part of his “Thanks Mom I’m Dead” North American tour. In the future, October to be exact, Chairlift will be touring with fellow Brooklyn renters and 80s outerspacers, Yeasayer. But, for a collection of fleeting moments, Caroline graced us with herself on our humble little porch, giving insight into the band, talking about Brooklyn land, and staying away from Planet Tan.

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