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A SWANN – sumsumsum


Denton friend, Austin Swann, delivers a soothing summer mix and in typical Porch fashion it’s solid jams streamed into one mp3. Jam it by the pool and your lounge vibe will never end! There are loads of summer hits that we just know you’ll enjoy.

::: DOWNLOAD A SWANN – “sumsumsum” :::

1) Neon Indian – Local Joke
2) Air France – Beach Party
3) Quiet Village – Pacific Rhythm
4) Jimmy Ross – First True Love Affair (Larry Levan remix)
5) Fleetwood Mac – Sunny Side of Heaven
6) Glass Candy – Geto Boys
7) Deerhunter – 1992
8) The Tough Alliance – A New Chance
9) Lemonade – Big Weekend (Delorean remix)

Image Credit: altered polaroid by Paul M. Stevens


Friday Feel 15 + 16


My fairly new macbook pro died on me last week! Most unfortunate. Thankfully it’s been repaired, although I’ve lost some applications and a few files. Rough stuff, but guess what Y’ALL? Tomorrow morning I will partake in my senior portfolio review. This will just about wrap up my undergraduate studies. BOOYA. Where to next? Portland? Austin? Brooklyn? Philly?

Anywho, check out this week’s extended mix. Hang Tough!


Kanye West – “Golddigger” (Diplo remix)

ABX – “Tell Me When To Leave (Oh You’re so Hyphy Jens”

Jason the Swamp – “Nobody Lives Down There”

Eric Copeland – “Alien In A Garbage Dump”

Of Montreal – “Nonpareil Of Favor”

Deerhunter – “Operation”

Air France – “Collapsing At Your Doorstep”

Nite Jewel – “What Did He Say”

Pogo – “Alice”

A SWANN – “Very Ancient Variations”

A SWANN - Very Ancient Variations

A good friend of the Porch, Austin Swann, has contributed a killer mix for your listening pleasure. A SWANN is a talented lad currently residing in Denton, TX. He is a gentleman of the night and also contributes to the music blog yeahdef.

The mix he procured takes the listener from crunchy electro-house to the tropical Balearic beat scene in Sweden, from minimal cerebral techno to old school thumpers. Headphones or a solid sound system suggested to get your heartbeat up and your head spinnin’. You can find some of A SWANN’s original homemade tracks at myspace.com/austinswann

Total Running Time: 56:22
Total Number of Faggy Techno Songs: 9

 DOWNLOAD: A SWANN “Very Ancient Variations” Mix

1) Lemonade – “Real Slime First Bounce” (Mashepest remix)
2) HEALTH – “Triceratops” (Acid Girls remix B)
3) Atlas Sound – Excerpt from Microremix #1
4) Yeasayer – “Ah, Weir”
5) Brian Eno and David Byrne – “Regiment”
6) Gary Numan – “M.E.”
7) Women – “Black Rice”
8) Boat Club – “Always Away”
9) Air France – “Karibean”
10) Studio – “No Comply”
11) Lindstrøm – “The Long Way Home”
12) Pantha du Prince – “Asha”
13) M83 – “Coleurs”
14) Vitalic – “Trahison”
15) Jürgen Paape – “So Weit Wie Noch Nie”
16) Memory Cassette – “Surfin”