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Themselves on the Porch



My first instinct when I get an interview back with no adherence to capitalization, punctuation, or sentence structure is to clean it up, fix the ‘errors,’ and in this particular case, rewrite the whole thing. Then I thought, ‘Wait, Themselves‘ music seems to mirror this interview-in-the-raw too well to lay the grimy hands of grammar on it.’ Below is an interview with the dudes that have long been known for letting their unbridled muse loose to thrash about inside their songs – now it is on the Porch.


Mixtape (zip-file): Themselves – FREEhoudini

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Thought Hop: Doseone


Themselves, half of which is Doseone, is playing a show tomorrow night (Monday) at Hailey’s in Denton, TX. If you live anywhere near, you gotta go. As if you need another incentive, friend of the porch, Yeahdef is opening.  Below is a micro-mix commemorating Dose as an outstanding artist, and pioneer of  Thought Hop.

*****Thought Hop: Doseone*****

1. Doseone & Boom Bip – Art Saved My Life/The Birdcatcher’s Return
2. Clouddead – I Promise Never To Get Paint On My Glasses Again
3. A Grape Dope – Red Hat Attack
4. Subtle – F.K.O.
5. Themselves – Poison Pit