I was recently tuned into Unknown Mortal Orchestra by the boys over at Cats Purring. This past weekend I was able to catch U.M.O. live in action at the Mohawk here in Austin. They played all the jams I was familiar with in addition to some new tracks and closed with an incredible cover of Can – “Vitamin C.”

DOWNLOAD > Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Thought Balloon”

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Literary Dance

This is a song that I made some time ago by sampling a couple of 80s songs and a couple of William Carlos Williams’ poems; two fields of interest for me which are not syncretized enough.

Mp3: Braveyard – Glazed with Kentucky

Artwork by the immaculate Will Bryant

Congos, Porched

The Congos are a vocal group from Jamaica maan who in 1977 went deep into the Black Ark with the immortal and mind-expanding Lee Scratch Perry to record an album which would come to be known as Heart of the Congos which if you listen below to a cut from that record you’ll see that they produced some heady results. I haven’t listened to dub in a long time, but this album brought it all back for me; the colorfulness, the murkiness (henceforth known as murky rainbow quality), and that certain vibing with no curtains on the windows.

Mp3: Congos – La La Bam-Bam

Be Honest

Be Honest mix

My good friend Kate Bingaman-Burt asked me to curate a mix for Be Honest, the Portland State second annual graphic design review hosted by Friends of Graphic Design. This year features an all star appearance and lecture by Jennifer Daniel!

The music selection covers a lot of ground, paralleling not only my journey through design school, but anyone’s really. Taste, interest, and skills evolve throughout a 4 year program so I wanted to showcase that by featuring a wide range of jams. The cover art for this 29 track mix was inspired by Jennifer’s ridiculously rad lecture poster.

DOWNLOAD this mix as a single mp3 > Be Honest by Will Bryant.zip

Hope you enjoy! Please support these featured artists and purchase a vinyl when you get a chance. View the complete tracklist below…

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Can’t Get Enuff of King Tuff

King Tuff is a guitar toting young man whose brand of re-imagined glam rock from Vermont is so immediately infectious that you might break out in hives on the very first listen. What makes the King so Tuff for me is his earnest, homey lyrics, whereas stylistically he should be singing about ballrooms on Mars and space balls ricocheting (see T. Rex), the kind of abstruse, yet dreamy world that glammers seemed to inhabit in the ’70s. King Tuff has left behind the make-up of yesteryear in favor of an unshaven perspective embedded in a reality where rock stars have grandmas, even if they still don’t care what they think.

Mp3: King Tuff – Freak When I’m Dead


I’ve been listening to these guys a lot lately, getting in the mood for warmer weather and all that. Enjoy!

Pixelord on the Porch

Pixelord is the name from which Alexey Devyanin, a Moscow dwelling man, makes some sick beats. He appeared on the Fly Russia compilation that I posted about last time, therefore lumping him into this group of artists is easy to do, but I believe he stands far above his contemporaries. Listen for yourself to the track below, a meandering, twinkling, future-funk number. I got in contact with Alexey and the result is a micro-interview which can be found after jumping.

Mp3: Pixelord – Boss Worm

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