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Interesting interviews with interesting people. It’s like talking with people who make stuff.

Gregory Whitehead on the Porch; Another Way Forward

Gregory Whitehead seems to be a modern day rebel, with a very specific cause, that is the furtherance of radio liberation from the tightly gripping, rather banal hands of media groups that control this precious resource. Gregory’s analogy, which likens radio’s power in accessing the nethers of the mind to spelunking a familiar, yet foreign upon closer examination cave, may be helpful in understanding the importance of the medium for him. Far from radio’s daily waves of news, opinion-mongerers, and dumbing music, there is Gregory’s vision, “Another Way Forward.”

Mp3: Gregory Whitehead – If a Voice Like, Then What?

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Monsieur Cabinet on the Porch


The other day I came across a wonderful set of illustrations depicting awesome things. It turns out they’re done by Monsieur Cabinet, a dude named Dave from Leeds. We invited him to the Porch so he could tell us a little more about what he does. BONUS: he says stuff like “a bit shit” and “having a go!” Continue reading

Anthony Zinonos


Anthony Zinonos is a young artist from South Africa now living Norwich.  He has an incredible collection of paper. I really admire his ability to make such simple and charming pieces. Continue reading and check out more of his work….

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Toro y Moi on the Porch


Here at the Porch we’re into all kinds of hazy psychedelia. And though we’ve had a lot to choose from lately, South Carolina’s Toro y Moi has stood out from the pack. Chaz Bundick, the man behind Toro y Moi, melds together layers of washed-out samples and sings with an earnestness that places him right between Ariel Pink and Panda Bear on the musical spectrum. We recently spoke with the 23-year-old Chaz about his wobbly, nostalgic jams, being a music blog sensation, and his near future.

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City Center on the Porch


City Center makes effects-driven experimental pop, the staple niche for many groups nowadays such as High Places and Animal Collective, but with more experiments, and less pop. Not a disadvantage by any means, rather each song seems to swim, and they realize this as well with their sea-centric artwork, through layers of indecipherable, yet warm sounds. Throw in some acoustic strumming or tribal percussion, hell sometimes even both, to pull it all back together, and you’ve got City Center at their best. Without further Delay, please check out the interview.

Mp3: City Center – Gladest

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Themselves on the Porch



My first instinct when I get an interview back with no adherence to capitalization, punctuation, or sentence structure is to clean it up, fix the ‘errors,’ and in this particular case, rewrite the whole thing. Then I thought, ‘Wait, Themselves‘ music seems to mirror this interview-in-the-raw too well to lay the grimy hands of grammar on it.’ Below is an interview with the dudes that have long been known for letting their unbridled muse loose to thrash about inside their songs – now it is on the Porch.


Mixtape (zip-file): Themselves – FREEhoudini

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Cold Cave on the Porch


Cold Cave plays gloom-synth-pop constructed from the thin air that floats between the hard-knock city of Philadelphia and the bright, dirty NYC. Wes, the central conspirator of Cold Cave, came by the Porch to ruminate about astrological signs as inspiration, beauty & sorrow, but the main reason he’s here is to practice his conversation skills.

Mp3: Cold Cave – Cebe & Me

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