Pixelord on the Porch

Pixelord is the name from which Alexey Devyanin, a Moscow dwelling man, makes some sick beats. He appeared on the Fly Russia compilation that I posted about last time, therefore lumping him into this group of artists is easy to do, but I believe he stands far above his contemporaries. Listen for yourself to the track below, a meandering, twinkling, future-funk number. I got in contact with Alexey and the result is a micro-interview which can be found after jumping.

Mp3: Pixelord – Boss Worm

Porch:What’s the latest Pixelord news?

Pixelord (Alexey Devyanin): The latest news is that I’m going to China to play two gigs in Shanghai, and then I’m releasing my next EP as a digital download on Carcrashset (label). This EP will be more of a funky, dubstep, garage kind of music, but still with bleeps and all that. Also I’m making remixes here and there.

Porch: How does living in Moscow influence the music you make?

AD: Moscow’s influence is not really big. I mean it exists, but my music would not change much if I were let’s say in Berlin or London. The music comes from my mind and dreams, and from things I hear and see. Moscow makes me write music fast, ‘cuz the city’s tempo is high.

Porch: When did you first start making music?

AD: I first started I think somewhere in 1999-2000.

Porch: What are some other things you’re involved in besides making music as Pixelord?

AD: I’m involved in graphic design and sound design for a few projects, but right now it’s mainly for cybr.tv. This is a new online TV that we are making and it’s very inspiring. Also I’m making sound design and music for a visual project with selfburning.com.

Porch: How does a song normally begin? How do you know when it has reached the Pixelord status?

AD: When I start a song it normally begins with beats or bass. I know that a track is finished when I feel the vibes and want to relisten, so I check it next day to see if it still sounds cool for me. I throw away a lot of tracks which I thought were cool, but after some time they sound not really interesting and boring, so I delete them and make some new ones.

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