Drawn Records: Recent Pleasures

In hopes of keeping a schedule I’m starting a series of new drawings. Here’s a look at some really fantastic albums I’ve been enjoying recently! Since joining Public School i’ve been listening to a lot more of his records.

Bob DylanHighway 61 Revisited [Columbia 1965]
All time hits! It just feels right living in Texas and listening to Dylan.

Beach HouseTeen Dream [Subpop 2010]
This has quickly become one of my all time favorite records. It has been listened to endlessly in my car, studio, and house.

CanFuture Days [United Artists 1973]
Brad turned me towards to the light and wild rhythms of Can. This specific album really resonates with my workflow.


Smith Westernss/t [Hozac 2009]
I’m a sucker for lo-fi hazy jams and this is full of em!

Toro Y MoiCausers Of This [Carpark Records 2010]
This young buck has such great influences and collages them together so well.

6 responses to “Drawn Records: Recent Pleasures

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  2. Love ’em. Great stuff, man. Just rblog’d.

  3. i love the drawings but man, this idea is so familiar … didn’t another wrdprss site start a series exactly like this just a few weeks before? not a very original idea.

    • porchofthemystics

      Thanks, and I’m not really sure. I honestly started this as a drawing exercise for myself, so I’m not really going for originality.

      Send me a link! The only thing I can think of is when Mike Perry & Damien Correll would draw record covers for Urban Outfitters back in 2006ish. I can’t find a pic, but I think they were done in colored pencil. Thanks for the comment!

      – Will

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