Twin Tones 05


Edition 5 of Twin Tones pairs the hazy sounds of Washed Out with 80’s one-hit wonders Kajagoogoo. After I heard “Olivia” on the new Washed Out tape, I spent about an hour of Googling variations of “shy shy 80’s song.” I finally found the video for “Too Shy” (which is sooo legit) and slapped the two tracks together. Here you go:

Washed Out – “Olivia” High Times [2009]
Kajagoogoo – “Too Shy” White Feathers [1982]

:: Click here to download Twin Tones #5 :::

2 responses to “Twin Tones 05

  1. THANK YOU SO GOD DAMN MUCH. I just spent 3 hours trying to recall the lyrics of this song googling every variation of 80s song and hush hush imaginable. THANK YOUUUUU!

  2. really? i don’t hear the sample in Washed Out at all. they sound nothing alike.

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