Monsieur Cabinet on the Porch


The other day I came across a wonderful set of illustrations depicting awesome things. It turns out they’re done by Monsieur Cabinet, a dude named Dave from Leeds. We invited him to the Porch so he could tell us a little more about what he does. BONUS: he says stuff like “a bit shit” and “having a go!”

The Porch: Can you explain the 1000 Awesome Things project?

Monsieur Cabinet: During the summer just gone I was searching the internet for some childhood nostalgia. I stumbled across a blog run by Neil Pasricha called 1000 Awesome Things. He celebrates everything good in life both past and present. I started illustrating the ones I liked best and sent them to him. He liked them and put them on his site. Sadly I am finding it difficult to find the time to keep up with his pace of an entry a day on top of everything else I do.


The Porch: What has been your favorite awesome thing so far?

MC: I love #780: Squeezing through a door as it’s shutting without touching it. I do this all the time at work.

The Porch: Do you draw everything by hand? What’s your process for making art usually like?

MC: Initially I sketch things out by hand but I try and use medium most appropriate for the work.


The Porch: What is your favorite tool?

MC: The kettle, making coffee and tea is integral.

The Porch: What kinds of things inspire you?

MC: Language, colloquialisms, spelling mistakes, strangers shopping lists, over hearing conversations.

The Porch: Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

MC: Doncaster, it’s a knackered town in South Yorkshire. I have fond childhood memories growing up here, but it is generally considered a bit shit and was voted 15th worst place to live in the UK. I now live in Leeds, West Yorkshire. After spending 4 years in London I was looking for a change in scenery, Yorkshire felt more like home, but I don’t know what the future holds and am happy to go where work takes me.

The Porch: Are you working on any new projects?

MC: Always. I’m enjoying working with type at the moment and hope to take advantage of the facilities where I work as a tutor (Leeds College of Art). I’m looking forward to having a go on the letterpress.


The Porch: What are your favorite websites?

MC: always makes me smile.

The Porch: Do you have a favorite moment that has taken place on a porch?

MC: We don’t really have porches in England. I once stood near a Porche, that was quite exciting.


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