Cats Purring J-Tape


Mississippi music collective, Cats Purring, have a siiiick new mix (created by SAMO) for your listening pleasure. J-Tape is filled with lo-fi jams, hazy memories, haunting reverb, and plenty of fuzz. If it’s cool and in the South, then they’re probably kin to Cats Purring.

:::  DOWNLOAD  > CATS PURRING – “J-Tape”   :::

1. Quiet Hooves – “a.v.p.”
2. Of Montreal – “Dustin Hoffman Thinks About Eating the Soap”
3. Flight – “Flowers”
4. Circulatory System – “Blasting Through”
5. Wildbirds & Peacedrums – “There Is No Light (This Modern World on WFMU)
6. Dead Gaze – “Back & Forth”
7. The Flaming Lips – “Ma, I Didn’t Notice”
8. Harlan T. Bobo – “Stope”


Also,  Dead Gaze has a rad new track out. You should definitely give it a listen!

:::  DOWNLOAD > Dead Gaze – “Stay, Don’t Say”  :::

More info and jams can be found below…


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