Anthony Zinonos


Anthony Zinonos is a young artist from South Africa now living Norwich.  He has an incredible collection of paper. I really admire his ability to make such simple and charming pieces. Continue reading and check out more of his work….

The Porch: Hello! How are you today?

Anthony Zinonos: Hello i’m good , just a bit cold looks like the english winter is kicking in a bit early this year.
The Porch: What’s keeping you busy these days?

AZ: Making work, orders, interviews and ‘dirt box’ expansions (, pretty much everything but i love it!!
The Porch: As an artist, how do know when one of your pieces is complete. I really struggle to stop drawing/pasting, so I’m curious to know.

AZ: I definitely think less is more. i find it really challenging to make minimal work, it is hard to know when to stop so i always try to use as few element as possible to create a piece. in my head its like a little game of golf where the less hits you take to sink the ball the better you are. thinking about it maybe if i buy some golf shoes it might up my collage game, hahahaha…

Picture 3
The Porch: What bands or musicians are you currently enjoying?

AZ: Loads of old stuff like lou reed, velvet underground, stooges, the rolling stones, neil young…. i’ve gone off new bands recently with the exception of the kills and born ruffians who also have amazing album art work by thomas allen, i love his work.

The Porch: Give me some nouns that serve as inspiration, and feel free to elaborate on said nouns.

AZ: Car boot sales, coffee, second hand shops (thrift stores), dogs, the sun, other artists, cowboys, more coffee, colour pencils, new magazines, old magazines, traveling, red wine, different papers, charles bukowski, the royal family, cartoons, siamese cats, found photographs, mountains, good food, receiving post, sending post…….. this has just turned into a big list, i don’t even know if half of these are nouns?
Picture 5
The Porch: How do you stay motivated?

AZ: I live with the ever-busy, ever-working gemma correll, do i need any more inspiration? but seriously there is so much amazing stuff around its hard not to be motivated. the internet is a wonderland of blogs, images and other artist producing amazing work which is always inspiring.
The Porch: Has the internet played a particular role in your development as an artist/designer?

AZ: Very much so, sometimes i sit and think just how amazing the internet actually is and my head nearly explodes.
Picture 4
The Porch: Do you have a particular method for your creative process? Is there a certain time of day or type music to help you focus?

AZ: My creative process always starts with collecting its a big part of my work, i’m a bit of a hoarder so i have a huge stash of images and magazine waiting to be used. i work best at night, its easier to concentrate and my head feels in a better place, i can do commissioned work during the day but when it comes to personal stuff it definitely a night time thing. good music alway helps so does coffee during the day and some nice wine in the evening.

A big thank you to Anthony for taking time to share his personality. I’m very excited for he and his lovely girlfriend, Gemma Correll, to come visit Austin next year! Make sure you check out Anthony’s etsy shop to see if I left anything behind to purchase.

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