Safe Travels: A Mix for Johnny Disaster


As reported before Johnny Disaster will be departing from his regular schedule on the Porch to join the Peace Corps. Johnny (aka Matt Orr) is a longtime friend, groomsman, and fellow lover of music. Orr has been a pillar of influence in my musical interests and we’ve often wandered down similar listening paths. This mix is comprised of tracks that make me think of him and the numerous jams he’s brought before my nose.

So here’s one last bike ride with Johnny Disaster before he embarks on his latest adventure!

:::  DOWNLOAD > Safe Travels: A Mix for Johnny Disaster  :::

1. Devendra Banhart – “At The Hop”
2. Peter & The Wolf – “Safe Travels”
3. The Kinks – “Johnny Thunder”
4. Daniel Johnston – “Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances”
5. Black Dice – “Cloud Pleaser”
6. Why? – “Miss Ohio is Nameless”
7. Animal Collective – “Banshee Beat”
8. Vetiver – “Down At El Rio”

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