For my final post, not ever, but at least as a regularly contributing member of the Porch, I give to you a short mix that combines a few NYC dwellers with a couple of songs set in NYC. I’m leaving NYC next Friday, and if I could I would like to speak directly to it for a moment, “Thanks for the run.” So, the reason I’m getting off the Porch is because at the end of this month I’m leaving for a 27 month stay in Ukraine, teaching English there through the Peace Corps. These are the facts, you can learn how I interpret them by clicking ‘Keep Reading’ below. I love each and every one of you, and will miss you individually. Though cyberspace cannot carry my tears, you must believe they are here on my cheeks. Thank you. You.

1. Excepter – In the Beginning there was Excepter
2. Suicide – Super Sudway Comedian
3. Tony Matterhorn – Big Belly Guns
4. Ad Libs – Boy From NYC
Mp3: 5. Jonathon Richman – Springtime in NYC

* *VA – NYC* *

Artwork: Will Bryant

Why go to Ukraine?

The reasons are all noble meandering principles, and to keep from regurgitating what I said during the interview, I’ll focus on other factors for my leaving. I want to see the world and hold conversations in other languages and learn to speak mostly with my eyes, which will work anywhere. Also, I must continue my run away from home. Much too early to have the epiphany where I realize everything I ever wanted and needed was hiding from me, ‘under my nose’ ‘in my own backyard.’ We’ll see. As a poet, I’m interested in turning my world upside down, then picking up the pieces, and reassembling them in a new way, an enlightening way. So, time after time, in a new place, we humans have this opportunity for ‘jamais vu’ which ultimately I believe seems to be the only sure way to experience life, in its primal, replicating, unceasing cycle of miracles.

2 responses to “NYC

  1. the end of an era. Thank you MAtt for your constant inspiration and solid contributions. The Porch will never be the same! As a friend and a friend, you are the sun.

    Johnny Disaster Will Always Be Forever!

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