Fatmata Was Here

Lamin Fofama over at Dutty Artz has put together a simply amazing dark, afro-futuristic mix. Somehow he transported all of the tropical weather regions of the world to space. It’s a powerful collision of dubstep and dancehall and it’s great!

Lamin Fofama – Fatmata Was Here (right-click, save as)

01) Bvdub – “Return to Tonglu”
02) RHy-s “on – 2”
03) Bijan Mofid – “Shahreh Ghesseh, I & II”
04) Co$ – “Angelic (ft. Blu)”
05) Jamie Vexd – “In System Travel”
06) Zomby – “Tears in the Rain”
07) Dred Man-Gi  – “Não Ta Se Entender (ft. Nell)”
08) Kasai Allstars – “Tshitua fuila mbuloba”
09) King Midas Sound – “Cool Out”
10) Alpha Blondy – “Jerusalem”
11) Cauto – “Despartar”
12) G-Side – “Alpine Tick”

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