City Center on the Porch


City Center makes effects-driven experimental pop, the staple niche for many groups nowadays such as High Places and Animal Collective, but with more experiments, and less pop. Not a disadvantage by any means, rather each song seems to swim, and they realize this as well with their sea-centric artwork, through layers of indecipherable, yet warm sounds. Throw in some acoustic strumming or tribal percussion, hell sometimes even both, to pull it all back together, and you’ve got City Center at their best. Without further Delay, please check out the interview.

Mp3: City Center – Gladest

Q: How are you doing?

A: We are doing great! We’re having a mid-afternoon tour booking session and then we’re playing a show later tonight!

Q: Give me some nouns (people, places you’ve been, or imagine to exist, ideas – concepts, or inanimate objects) that you draw inspiration from.

A: Burritos, all of our friends, pop radio, moving around, the last Throbbing Gristle record, specific Death In June jams, (goth fragments in general!), bike rides, Coca Cola, delays.

Q: Where do you live, and what influence do you think your environment has on your music?

A: You know what’s kind of insane is we don’t actually live anywhere! We started out in Brooklyn and have been touring around since February of 09, but right now we’re in Michigan for the summer where we both grew up. We’re working on a new record and getting ready to go on tour again. It’ll be the majority of the year spent traveling and not really having a fixed residence, and this lack of any set, specific environment has had a hugely positive influence on our jams. It’s really cool – we just meet up to work on stuff all day since we’re not really tied to a job in a place (or watching TV or whatev!).

Q: How did you guys meet up and begin playing together?

A: We both played in a bunch of bands around Michigan growing up, and eventually crossed paths and started working on sounds together. It was a very natural melding of minds!

Q: What is your band motto?

A: Don’t complain, don’t explain.

Q: What do you typically do before a show to prepare yourself for the onslaught?

A: Ryan usually has a mid-level panic attack about getting there on time or getting enough to eat in a specific regiment. Fred finds a table or some sort of small bench to fall asleep under. Then if there’s time, we either get super serious and academic and go over a pristine schematic of what we’re gonna do with our set OOOORRR we get super wasted and excitable and embark on some mushy jam quest.

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

A: We’re deep in the middle of booking a U.S. fall tour, and people should totally come check it out! We will be out for almost all of September and October, and will be posting dates and details online soon. We’re so excited to see everybody! 

Artwork Credit: Hisham Bharoocha, upcoming star of the Porch.

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