Junk Culture – West Coast


I’m so stoked to post about this record! Junk Culture is the latest project from Deepak Mantena. He’s signed to Illegal Art (home to Girl Talk) and asked me to contribute the album art/layout! The record arrived earlier this week and printed fantastic. The music is even better!

DOWNLOAD > the title track – Junk Culture – “West Coast”

press release after the jump….


Junk Culture’s debut EP, “West Coast,” features sound tapestries created from mixing fractured vocals with pop hooks and samples, all run through a handheld recorder, which gives his constructions a gritty, lo-fi, loop-based sound, and an overall euphoric warmth. Leading up to this release, Deepak would capture field recordings, samples of songs he really liked, and samples of himself playing instruments on a cheap pocket recorder, all of which sounded fresh to his ears. “West Coast” embodies these “fresh” sounds, and employs them for what Deepak describes as “a love letter to outer space — it gets desperate and schizophrenic as the record plays out, but is a sort of celebration of spirit as a whole.” It is essentially Deepak’s manifesto of energetic raw sound that transcends rigid genres, and is textural, emotive and compelling.

3 responses to “Junk Culture – West Coast

  1. Woah! I Loves it!

  2. thank you dear jasmine

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