Cold Cave on the Porch


Cold Cave plays gloom-synth-pop constructed from the thin air that floats between the hard-knock city of Philadelphia and the bright, dirty NYC. Wes, the central conspirator of Cold Cave, came by the Porch to ruminate about astrological signs as inspiration, beauty & sorrow, but the main reason he’s here is to practice his conversation skills.

Mp3: Cold Cave – Cebe & Me

 Q: How are you doing?

A: Carefree with coffee.

Q: Give me some nouns (people, places you’ve been, or imagine to exist, ideas – concepts, or inanimate objects) that you draw inspiration from.

A: Aquarians, Geminis.

Q: How does living in NYC influence your music?

A: I don’t live in NY now, but Philly rather. We are half here, half there. Thus far location has had not much of an impact on sound. I think the sound is more of a result of head and heart space, all of the memorials and collections, the hunting and gathering, the seeking and seldom finding, a downtrodden mission with a blurry statement.

Q: How did you guys meet up and begin playing together?

A: I think we’ve just all been involved with music for a while in one way or another, so eventually you cross paths with kindred spirits. I feel fortunate to be playing music with everyone in Cold Cave.

Q: What I personally like most about ‘Love Comes Close’ is the contrast between your gloomy lyrics and the bright pop tones that surround them. I was wondering what influenced this, or perhaps a concept that is behind it, and any other details you may be able to give on this aspect of your music.

A: Thank you. These traits belong to the music that has made a lifelong impact on me, songs, and it is what I want to convey. It’s not profound, rather just another example of how nothing is black and white. You see what you see based on what you want to see or unknowingly choose to see, there’s always more, and the nostalgic romance with life still dictates the present. I just feel at this point it’s impossible to not recognize beauty and sorrow in anything. EVERYTHING.

Q: What is your band motto?

A: Well we have not chosen one just yet. 

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

A: Not so much, I try to make music to communicate how I feel because I’m miserable at talking. Thank you for the opportunity to improve.

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