Poppytalk Fresh From the Oven: Mix 2


This edition of Fresh From the Oven is a collection of R&B, soul, funk and somehow a tropicalia track snuck in just for the summer sun.

::: DOWNLOAD “PoppyTalk Fresh From the Oven: Mix 2” ::::

1. Curtis Mayfield – “The Other Side of Town”

2. Irma Thomas – “It’s Raining”

3. Jackie Wilson – “Your Love Keeps Lifting Me Higher”

4. Baby Washington– “Move On Drifter”

5. The Chi-Lites – “Are You My Woman (Tell Me So)”

6. Bill Withers – “Use Me”

7. Caetano Veloso – “Lost in Paradise”

6 responses to “Poppytalk Fresh From the Oven: Mix 2

  1. oh man, how cute is that collage?

  2. I”m a letterpress printer in Wash DC –been quite happily painting the edges of museum board and letterpressing some beautiful wedding invitation for the last 2 days –all while listening to your great downloads. Great selection and great for working a press to!

  3. porchofthemystics

    thanks jan!

    Paul, that is outstanding! thanks for listening. I’m a huge fan of letterpress. I really enjoyed your site! Are you familiar with Amos Kennedy? He’s an amazing spirit and really pushing the art of letterpress.


  4. Yes I know Amos’ work quite well. Got several of his posters on my wall at home. I had a show of his posters at my store several years ago. I hired one of his former students from IU as a letterpress
    printer for about 6 years. I’ve been a full-time letterpress printer for about 25 years so I’ve seen a lot of changes and a lot of great work over the years ( and some pretty bad stuff, too) I’m really happy to find your site here and Public School. It’s great man.

    • porchofthemystics

      Wow that’s fantastic!
      Amos is a great man. I tried to sneak over to his shop in Gordo, AL as much as I could my last year at Mississippi State.
      Just being around him is inspiring. If you ever find yourself wanting to head down to Austin, we’ll have to think of a something to organize.
      Like a demo, artist talk, or letterpress tour of Austin. Thanks for checking out Public School!

  5. i just discovered this page and would love to be able to download this mix (Poppytalk Fresh From the Oven: Mix 2). is it still available?

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