Neil Krug Photography


Neil Krug takes amazing photographs and is involved with several rad projects. Most recently his Pulp Book, a collaboration with supermodel Joni Harbeck, has been receiving a lot of press. Check out his ability to capture other wordly vibes, psychedelic textures, and the rays of the sun!

more photos after the jump.







Also check out Neil Krug’s flickr

4 responses to “Neil Krug Photography

  1. wow! these are beautiful :)

  2. heyyy, i’m the guy where the link underneath your posts directs people to :)
    Glad there are other people enjoynig this stuff, keep it up people!

  3. this image was on the cover of the Portland Mercury a few months ago. Justin “scrappers” Morrision knows what is UP!

  4. jetstreamprojector

    Neil Krug is a beast! His work is absolutely stunning. I love the images you displayed. Check more of his work out here:

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