Veldtundra – Summer on the Porch


Here it is! Matthew Koon’s mix for SUMMER ’09 splashes with grandma ridin’ a rhino chaser. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have. He’s put a lot of craft and summer care into his selections.

:::  DOWNLOAD Veltundra – Summer on the Porch – V/A [2009]  :::

1) Highlife – F Kenya RIP
2) Pictureplane – Temporary Future (MGK Medley)
3) Atlas Sound – Solo or the Square
4) Nite Jewel – Weak 4 Me
5) Talking Heads – This Must Be the Place
6) Three Tones – I’m So Proud of You
7) The Kinks – Tired of Waiting for You
8) Panda Bear – Boneless (screwed and re-effected)
9) Japanther – Radical Businessman
10) Sic Alps – Down Comes the Perm
11) The Sahara All-Stars of Jos – Fesa Jaiye
12) Ruby Suns – Gibble
13) Lucky Dragons – Mirror Friends
14) Tough Alliance – Hung Up on a Dream
15) Neon Indian – Local Joke
16) White Rainbow – ABACBA DISCIPLINED
17) Lotus Plaza – Whiteout

Note: the “—-” are interludes from his loop box.


4 responses to “Veldtundra – Summer on the Porch

  1. Petrified Forest

    This shit is so fresh. I’ll be bumpin’ it in my homemade boombox everytime I go swim at the lake.

  2. oh so good. thanks for sharing :)

  3. totally smackin’

  4. so, does the “–” after Pictureplane – Temporary Future (MGK Medley) and before Atlas Sound – Solo or the Square mean we don’t know the name of a song therein?
    this whole mix is great, but those first 4 (3?) songs are AMAZING. and i hope that the “–” does NOT mean there is a missing song title.. because that might be the best one on the mix.

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