Friday Feel: Phaseone

Picture 2

I’m a big fan of just about everything Phaseone touches!
His latest remix of “Daily Routine” is puuuuuuure gold. I love that basssssss.

Hope you enjoy the mix.

::: DOWNLOAD Friday Feel Mix 37: Phaseone Remixes :::

1. Panda Bear – “I’m Not” (Phaseone Remix)
2. Animal Collective – “Daily Routine” (Phaseone Remix)
3. Burial – “Archangel” (Phaseone Remix)
4. J Dilla – “Walkinonit” (Phaseone Remix)
5. Banjo or Freakout – “Mr No” (Phaseone Remix)
6. Grouper – “Heavy Water” (Phaseone Remix)

2 responses to “Friday Feel: Phaseone

  1. Nice drippy crystals.

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