Melted Cassette: Summer 2009

Melted Cassette

I threw together this collection of scuzzy, shambolic songs to soundtrack the sunniest of summer vibes! It’s 11 jams in under 30 minutes, so jam it loud and don’t get too sticky!

Melted Cassette: Summer 2009
01) The Raincoats – “Lola”
02) Sic Alps – “A Story Over There”
03) Intelligence – “Thank You God for Fixing the Tape”
04) The Rolling Stones – “Citadel”
05) The Clean – “Anything Could Happen”
06) Strapping Fieldhands – “Battle Down the Quarter Mile”
07) The Vaselines – “Son of a Gun”
08) Cheap Time – “Glitter & Gold”
09) Tyvek – “Needles Drop”
10) Holy Fuck – “Lovely Allen (No Age Remix)”
11) XYX – “Ella”

Click here to download!


6 responses to “Melted Cassette: Summer 2009

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  2. “Citadel”–classic Brad

  3. This is what the Summer was looking for – killer tracks from the killer himself.

  4. shit this is a good mix

  5. there is already a band called melted cassettes, theyve been around since 2005.

  6. You should add the band Melted Cassettes to the mix-it wouldnt be a Melted Cassette mix without them.

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