Au Revoir Simone Poster Giveaway!


To follow up the fantastic interview with the lovely ladys of Au Revoir Simone,  The Porch is giving away 3 posters to 3 different readers! (that’s right all 3 of you)

The above poster was designed by Justin Cox (member of Public School) for Au Revoir Simone’s show this Saturday at the Mohawk.

Poster details: 2 color screen print 20″ x 26″ on mighty fine paper.

Just comment below and tell us your favorite Au Revoir track and we’ll pick 3 winners to receive a FREE poster!
[winners will be notified through e-mail]

15 responses to “Au Revoir Simone Poster Giveaway!

  1. Oh, tough one! But oh how I love “Sad Song”!

  2. Me want poster.

  3. Dark Halls is my fav.

  4. Christopher Walker

    “Shadows”. Mos def. I’m always a sucker for new music…

  5. The Lucky One!

    It’s magical.

  6. Only You Can Make You Happy!!!
    This is my fav one!

  7. Brandon J. Washington

    This made me smile a little

  8. I’ve listened to “Sad Song” to the most so if I had to choose one song, that one.

  9. it’s “only one can make you happy” the high glossy bright eep eep like whiskey and ice in the mouth a smooth LED keyboard slick spreading endless underscored even girded by hummm hummm bass the timeless eight-stroke boogie-woogie beat that sets both your and my toes tap-tap-tapping the same tapping that a skeleton does to the accompaniment of wailing flutes in old bad claymation movies

  10. Shadows. yay!

  11. got be “shadows” it’s epic!

  12. Stay Golden is absolutely the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.

  13. my favorite is “The Disco Song”, I completely understand the message and it can get me through a bad day, ARS is my all time favorite band

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