Here We Go Magic on the Porch


Luke Temple first caught my ear some two years ago with 2007’s Snowbeast, a collection of well-crafted bedroom folk songs with flourishes of experimentation thrown in to create a delightful mixture – though the songs were still very much traditional. Two years later and Temple has a full band, a new name, and a new album with a new sound that follows an untraditional muse to create equally heartfelt gems that will soar right on through your chest to spread stardust over your heart.

***Mp3: Here We Go Magic – Fangala***

Q: How are you doing?
A: Fine thank you.

Q: How does living in Brooklyn influence your music?
A: Don’t know for sure because I haven’t known any alternative, it keeps me lean and mean I suppose.

Q: What albums were you listening to during the recording of the album?
A: None, I was totally absorbed into the recording and didn’t want to potentially corrupt the flow by introducing other music, I wanted no conscious references.

Q: What has it been like to go from working by yourself to working in collaboration with other musicians, and how has it effected your creative process?
A: It has been a very interesting challenge in some ways but very rewarding. Compromise is not something I am used to but I am learning. We will make the next record together so I think then is when it will become more apparent how the group colors the music.

Q: The harmonizing vocal style of HWGM is a sharp departure from the stripped-down vocals in your solo-work. What influenced this change?
A: I wanted the music to be dense both instrumentally and vocally. Everything layered.

Q: How did you guys get mixed up with mega-band Grizzly Bear?
A: Blackmail mostly and Ed seems to like us. I certainly love their music so I couldn’t have wished for a better tour.

Q: Do you have anything else you’d like to tell the great people of the Porch about?
A: Dip your nose into the cold water of the flat land mega bottom and find your swampy side Bitches!!!

Catch them on their massive summer tour in a town near you!

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