Introducing the SUMMER VIBE ZONE

Picture 7

Summer’09 on the Porch is going to be rad! Each Saturday you’ll find all sorts of summer vibes & goodness. Beat the heat with hot jams, snow cone recipes, videos, stories, photographs, full blown summer mixes, and you-name-its. The Summer Vibe Zone is rolling deep. Feel free to hit up our inbox with summer contributions.

To get things started off you need one of these  puuuurfect new lids for the Summah! Check out CAP-SAC™ = A Fanny Pack For Your Head (Daaaaang these are dope.)

Picture 9

available in several righteous colors:

Picture 5

5 responses to “Introducing the SUMMER VIBE ZONE


  2. mrfancypantsbryant


    MGK is gonna make it rain

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