Friday Feels Nice Today


This week’s mix is a small collection of tracks that I’ve been enjoying for years, well all except for track #4. It’s rather new to me. It comes from an experimental electronic album entitled Moog Acid (2007) by Jean Jacques Perry & Luke Vibert. You can snag a copy of it here.

The Flaming Lips, AIR, & Johnny Greenwood were all introduced to me during high school through my friends in Pilotdrift. And well ole John Coltrane, he just sneaks in where he ought to.

:::DOWNLOAD Friday Feel Mix 33:::

1. The Flaming Lips – “What Is the Light?”
2. Johnny Greenwood – “Trench”
3. John Coltrane – “Countdown”
4. Jean Jacques Perry & Luke Vibert – “Schwing”
5. AIR – “Electronic Performers”
6. Pilotdrift – “Bubblecraft”


3 responses to “Friday Feels Nice Today

  1. hey thanks will!

  2. mrfancypantsbryant

    keep up the goodness, jan!

    ur so welcome paul!

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