Darktown Strutters stop by the Porch


Darktown Strutters have found the strange magic that happens when Dallas turns on her lights. Just to get into the mood for what you’ll hear when you listen to not one, but TWO PORCH EXCLUSIVE TRACKS, try going to bed early at around 7pm, wake up at 2am, wander around lurking in shadows, pausing at street corners, and throwing objects off of bridges, and then you will be in the right mindset to let these electronic wonders strut through your gut-ear. You will probably find that the interview is more enjoyable when you’re sipping on Tang, as you learn about band origins, mottos, and spicy curveballs.

Mp3: Darktown Strutters – Grab a Silver Bullet

Mp3: Darktown Strutters – Juvenile (Tonight)

Q. Do you mind giving me a little bit of band history?

A. It was a dark and stormy night. War stories. Hotdogs. “The Ghost and Mr.Chicken.” N’ever to be seen nor heard from again.

(An alternate story from their Myspace page goes like this, “Rockin’ the orphanages of East Berlin, we met and became pathological liars.”)

Q. Band motto?

A. “I would rather not eat for a week than suffer any more if this goddamned parking lot.”

Q. Please tell me there is a 20 song album in the works and give me some interesting/exclusive details about it…

A. Shit is so secret even I don’t know.

Q. Why did you move away from Denton?  I used to live there too, and I moved because I graduated and don’t have to pay rent at home

A. I guess the same reasons Ginger and Gilligan wanted to get the fuck off the island.

Q. How does living in Dallas influence your music?

A. Mexican is the new African American. Expect some spicy curveballs.

Q. What bands or musicians are you currently enjoying?

A. Stevie Nicks. Gary Wilson. Todd Tamanend-Clark. Jesus Christ Superstar and The Phantom of the Opera Soundtracks. I’m an “Andrew Lloyd Weber” type of fag.

Q. What about some music that shaped your current sound or broadened your current mind?

A. After-midnite KNON, 90’s style. I guess you could say Throbbing Gristle was the reason I dropped out at 15 and began my career as a full-time deviant and scumbag. But Christian Death was the reason I never went to college.

Q. What type of person do you prefer to work with? I ask this question because I recently went in for a job interview and was stumped by this very question because I couldn’t think of a modest way to answer it.

A. Men.

Q. Are you aware that your band name is unfriendly to search engines? If yes, then is it a conscious decision to keep the following restricted to those who are truly chosen to follow? (Those lame-o’s from Ireland really threw me off.)

A. Are you cute? Wait, how old are you?

Q. If someone said that Darktown Strutters is just Kanye slowed down, would you agree or disagree with them, and why?

A. Nevermind. We don’t have anything in common.

Q. If you disagree with the above statement about Kanye, then how would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it without using genre terms such as Tropicalia, Polka, or Electronic.
For instance, “Lady Liberty Smash” is permissible because it makes no allusions to the type-cast-astic nature of genres.

A. Shut up.

Q. Do you have anything else you’d like to add?

A. There’s a fucking face on Mars.

4 responses to “Darktown Strutters stop by the Porch

  1. “there’s a fucking face on mars”. Brilliant

  2. doctor duncan large, t.g.t.


  3. hit my bottom lip with the tip of your hooooooootdoooooooooog

  4. MMMMHMMM! DS be listenin’ t the Greyzone, and shit!

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