Joe Van Wetering / Friday Feelz


My internet buddy Joe Van Wetering has a solo exhibition tonight at the Threadless gallery in Chicago! Joe is a Threadless superstar and ambitious designer known for his bold geometric designs. For Joe’s opening reception I created a lengthy seamless megamix that’s about 3 hours long.

Free Downloads after the jump!


Download > Between The Mountains and the Volcano
1. Deerhunter – “Agoraphobia”
2. Bodies of Water – “Under the Pines”
3. El Guincho – “Buenos Matrimonios Ahí Fuera”
4. High Places – “Golden”
5. Air France – “Collapsing At Your Doorstep”
6. Pogo – “Alice”
7. Animal Collective – “Peacebone” (Pantha Du Prince Remix)



Friday Feel 27 – a collection of songs I hadn’t listened to in a long while.
1. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – “Clap Your Hands!”
2. Billy Harvey – “Piggyback Ride”
3. Grandaddy – “The Crystal Lake”
4. Danielson Famile – “Good News for the Pus Pickers”
5. Mellow – “Shinda Shima”

4 responses to “Joe Van Wetering / Friday Feelz

  1. How funny that you put ‘A;ice’ by Pogo, I’ve been listening to that this week. And I LOVE Danielson!

  2. porchofthemystics

    jasmine, i loooove that track by Pogo. I also snuck it in this mix. Have you heard any other songs by them?

  3. Jasmine Silver

    I have a slight obsession with animal collective. I cant wait to listen to the remix. thanks.

    • porchofthemystics

      Oh wow! my obsession is not slight. Let me know if you’d like other AC secrets from my library of AC secrets.

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