Twin Tones 01


I have this habit of making little playlists of songs that I think sound really similar, so I decided to start sharing them. I’m calling this Twin Tones because even though the songs might not have much in common, they share a certain tone. I got the idea of mixing them together from XXXchange’s awesome mix of Frankie Knuckles and Animal Collective, “Your Love, My Girls.” The first in the series is the title track from Steven Halpern’s New Age masterpiece Starborn Suite combined with the impossibly great “Throw Some D’s” from Rich Boy’s debut album. I hope you enjoy it!

Steven Halpern – “Starborn Suite” Starborn Suite [1978]
Rich Boy – “Throw Some D’s (ft. Polow Da Don)” Rich Boy [2007]

Click here to download Twin Tones #1

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