Friday Feel 25


TWENTYFIVE isn’t sooper special, but I thought I’d make something of it. Hopefully for your enjoyment I’ve made this mix a bit longer and more wacky. It starts out rich in classics and then travels on over to Jamville, USA.

The Yeasayer track,Tightrope , is amazing! It’s featured on the Dark Was The Night compilation. I very well could have made a mix of this on repeat. I sure hope you find it fit to your likings.



1. Whitney Houston – “How Will I Know”
2. Prince – “I Would Die 4 U”
3. Lakeside – “Fantastic Voyage”
4. Pet Shop Boys – “West End Girls”
5. Nottee -“Young Modern Life”
6. Miike Snow – “Animal”
7. Yeasayer – “Tightrope”
8. Here We Go Magic – “Tunnelvision”
9. Vibes – “Honeycomb”
10. Woods – “The Dark”
11. Marissa Nadler – “River Of Dirt”

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