Lands & Peoples – GODSPEED, GOOD GOD, GET DOWN vol.1


Lands & Peoples, aka Caleb Moore, returns to the Porch with a mix of his own. Here’s what our Baltimore friend has to say about it…..


Good day fine persons and greetings from the humble, dilapidated, crime ridden Baltimore City. Right now I’m unemployed, single, and wheezing like a 84 year-old man. Sometimes when I’m riding my bike around, the town can really reflect how I feel on the inside– dirty, despondent, sickly.

But one must reminds oneself of the gems that are being forged within, and the beautiful, creative people that make this place what it is. Two of them make an appearance on the following mix. They are joined by a well known classically trained violinist turned pop wonder, some grizzly dudes that have been busy as bees with a side project,a four-track master of tape hiss and tribal beats, and a relative unknown out of Chicago who’s first release was done entirely in GarageBand.

From our tattered hearts to your baby ears,
Lands & Peoples




Here We Go Magic – “Fangella”
Andrew Bird – “Dissent” (excerpt)
Beach House – “Some Things Last a Long Time” (Daniel Johnston cover)
Department of Eagles – “Therapy Car Noise”
THIN HYMNS – “Miracles”
Dan Deacon – “Build Voice”

This IS great! Check it out and let Caleb know how ya feel.

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