Friday Feel 22


This week I decided to make a mix and release it on friday…for the 22nd time.

It features Skeletons (girl faced boys/ kings of all cities), one of my favorite bands from Brooklyn. Blood On The Wall, WAVVES, and No Age all thrash the pavement and make me think of SXSW. City Center is new for me. Their track, “This is How We Do It In The Dark,” is a panning lo-fi sonic collision. While you find yourself listening to lo-fi, might as well throw in a track from Mister Wyrd Pop Master Ariel Pfiiiink. Hope you enjoy!

::: DOWNLOAD Friday Feel 22 :::

1. Skeletons – “The Things”
2. Blood On The Wall – “Rize”
4. No Age – “Boy Void” / “I Wanna Sleep”
5. City Center – “This is How We See In The Dark”
6. Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti – “Haunted Graffiti”

2 responses to “Friday Feel 22

  1. hellz yea. I’m DJing tonight before GT…may throw sum of this on. The magazine is looking great. I’ll send you a copy asap

  2. love me some skeletons

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