Warm Static White Light


This mix is greatly inspired by the Porch’s own Brad Barry. He is the pure spirit that introduced me to the world of drone, noise annoys, and the length of space. This mix reflects that influence and launches the reverb into it’s rightful dimension.

::: DOWNLOAD Warm Static White Light :::
Tracklist (Threaded together by yours truly):

1. Pocahaunted – “Warmer Knives”
2. Animal Colelctive – “What Would I Want Sky”
3. Black Dice  – “Glazin”
4. Pocahaunted & Robedoor – “Ancestress Moon”
5. Grouper – “Disengaged”
6. Growing – “Disconfirm From The Social Club Nº 8”
7. The Present – “Heavens On Ice”
8. The Sight Below – “Life’s Fading Light”
9. Deerhunter – “Tape Hiss Orchid”
10. White Rainbow – “Sun Shadow Drifter”

2 responses to “Warm Static White Light

  1. Amazing

  2. ooh boy you’ve really outdone yourselves here

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