A New View from The Porch


The first time I saw the photography of Christian Brunnström I fell in love. His gorgeous, enchanting pictures exist in a world where the light is always washed out and beautiful and isolation has become heartrendingly gorgeous. I hope you all enjoy his hushed, but mystical photography and his freshly honest words.


The Porch: Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

Christian Brunnström: I began my growing up in a small town in southern Sweden called Landskrona. At 19, I followed my sister’s example and went to Spain for a while. Going a bit back and forth, I ended up staying almost 6 years in Barcelona, where the growing up continued. Without having thought it through, I moved to Copenhagen, Denmark 3,5 years for a 1-year thing. It didnt work out the way I wanted, and I’m still here trying to deal with the 1-year thing. The growing up is still in its workings. 


The Porch: When did you start shooting? 

CB: I’d say around 2003, I got my 35mm Minolta and started messing about, trying to deal with all my thoughts. 

The Porch: What kind of equipment do you use?

CB: Up until a couple of months ago I was shooting only with my grandfather’s Hakon/Haking kompakt, which I love. Unfortunately it broke, and I try to ease that pain by using all kinds I find, including disposable cameras. I just got a couple of kompakt ones I haven’t got the chance to try out yet, and a Yashica T4 I’m in the process of getting to know. 


The Porch: What are you inspired by?

CB: That’s a wide basket with hard and knife-sharp edges, let me get back to you in a bit.

The Porch: What are your favorite things to shoot?

CB: The tension in silence and the simple balance of what that’s right in front of you. It doesn’t matter what that is, an object, empty space, or nothing. A cheezy interpretation, I suppose, would be La insoportable levedad de ser. I find it the hardest to shoot in the city, possibly because of all things and people that are cramped in the the limited space in an unnatural manner – that’s the city. I find it harder to find balance, for the eye and mind to rest on. I could feel that in general too. God that sounds deep, anyways…


The Porch: What is the purpose of your blog(s)?

CB: Originally I started it when I came to Copenhagen. I was alone and felt the need of showing my friends back in Spain, and people in general I suppose, what I was seeing. Being alone made me feel lonely. It’s hard not being able to talk to or comment on simple things with anyone, especially someone who knows you. I don’t think anyone was reading the blog and it de facto didn’t serve its purpose but in my mind. I still don’t think anyone reads / looks at it, I think I’ve gotten less than 10 comments in total. Not knowing is worse than knowing, so I took out the comment feature. The funny thing is that it might be quite awkward putting things up and either no one would give the time of day, or things that simply are patheticly bad. I think both have materialized. The first thing that crossed my mind when creating the blog sitting in front ot the thing there was just that this might be awkward. I’ve realized much later that I probably got it from the Refused album “this just might be (the truth)” – great album by the way. 


The Porch: Are there other photography blogs that you enjoy?

CB: I try to ocationally put links up on the site to blogs I enjoy. There are many others too, on flickr to say the least. The only thing outpacing the growth of photographers with sites and blogs around is probably the unfortunate animal extinction by man’s photographer hands. I like http://www.emericglayse.com/ for example.


The Porch: Have you displayed your work elsewhere?

CB: I have the usuals, blogspot, flickr, and phiary, oh and a deviantart since that thing takes ages to erase, they make you do it one file at a time, I should finish it off one of these days. I participated in one show in November, my friends Albin and Schalle organized a show by Swedish artists in Barcelona and put some of my photos up in there. 


The Porch: Who are your favorite photographers?

CB: I don’t know. I see and look at insane ammounts of photos everyday, since I’m drawn to that. In general not only in photography I’m not too into names and who did what and who’s who, but in the things (they do). It might even change or ruin the way you appreciate something, knowing the person behind it. I’d vote for not knowing and making your own unstained perception and feelings about something up.


The Porch: What kinds of music do you like?

CB: I haven’t listen to the radio or TV for over 10 years, I fear it like the vampire fears the sun, partly, but by no mean exclusively, because of the same reasons as the unstained perception thing, hope that’s an ok answer :)

The Porch: What is a perfect day for you?

CB: How soon is soon.



3 responses to “A New View from The Porch

  1. WOW WOW WOW, what a dude. He really paints this decade with such beatiful fotographs that even Michelangelo would have stopped for a minute to think: Why didn`t I decorate the Sixtinska chapel with his fotographs instead of painting it!

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