Yo: I’m excited as ever to present the first profile of a DJ in Porch of the Mystics history.  It just so happens to be a friend, Joey Liechty aka Yeahdef.  You can find him most likely wearing a tan Carhartt jacket in these wintry months, roaming the streets of Denton looking for a fix.  Which in his case would be a dancefloor.  On that subject, he’s got a message for all of you who may have fallen victim to his prowl, “To the owners of houses that I wrecked in the past – sorry for the mess – I miss you guys there will be more house parties I promise.”  From what I can tell, he keeps it real and loose.  Download his remix linked up below and it will single songedly pull you through the winter and into warmth.  

MP3: Seals and Crofts – Summer Breeze (Yeahdef Bahaibrid Remix)

Questions & Answers just a click away!

JD: Tell me about your DJ alias.  When did you come up with it?  What does it mean to you?

YD: I picked “Yeahdef” out for a few reasons.  I was branded “DJ Highlife” years back because of my fondness for the champagne of beers.  I never really dug the name aside from the fact that I didn’t choose it – which was kind of cool. After dropping my vinyl setup in favor of midi controllers – I wanted to drop the DJ, since I’m not officially jockeying discs anymore – and it seems kinda antiquated anyhow.  After a few googles to see if anyone was using the name, “Yeahdef” had the least number of hits.  I wanted something original so if somebody googled it – they would only find me (well, me or Def Leppard’s “YEAH!” album).  It’s also a kind of play off “yeah definitely” cause it’s a somewhat commonly used phrase and I wanted my name to come up in conversation unexpectedly – like when i was rapping, i had the name “Produce” so like if you are at the grocery store, you think about me when there is a spill for someone to clean up.  Just kind of wanted it to be an offbeat-cognizance in people’s heads.

JD: Why do you DJ? How did you get started? What made you want to start?

YD: First off, its really just a blast.  Like – I DJ alone in my apartment.  It’s a pretty good puzzle game – beatmatching different time signatures and filtering cool transitions correctly.  That’s probably the main reason why it hasn’t phased out of my life in the past 5 years.  As for how i started – I was driving home from my job in Oak Cliff in the summer of ’03 and stopped off at American Pawn.  I picked up this Gemini belt-driven POS table and an American DJ rack-mount mixer for about 150 bucks. I just always wanted to see what this “scratching” thing was all about. After a few minutes i was hooked. Back at school we were always getting shithoused on B-Street at the time and it was just like “Well, I have a turntable and some records – I’ll play some music while you guys get crunk.”

JD: Describe your music influences and what kind of tunes folks can expect when they step on the dancefloor.

YD: Ideally – I don’t want any influences from other DJs.  Never want to sound redundant – my sets now are vastly different than i sounded a year or two ago.  I do take things from other DJs but I’m going to always flip it a little differently. Expectations? Everything basically – I mean if i can feed my ego a minute here…I can play any style. I have the resources.  Just give me a few days to prep a set and I’ll play any style you want.  The most popular weekly im doing now is 90’s night – but I’m still going to play some oddball stuff in there too.  For instance, I usually will soften the blow of a heavy bpm change with the Kenan and Kel theme song – or like some old commercial from the 90’s – something that shows the freaks on the floor that i did homework.

JD: What are your DJing aspirations?

YD: Make a living off living it up.  So far so good.

JD: Complete this phrase:

YD: When I look on the dancefloor and see people dancing I feel like pushing stars in the evacuation chamber and always pressing eject when I flash with a rash / gimme my cash / flickin’ my ash / runnin’ with the money set ’em up with the blast and I love diet coke and also everyone ever born.

Photo Credit: Stephanieyaknow