Friday Feel 15 + 16


My fairly new macbook pro died on me last week! Most unfortunate. Thankfully it’s been repaired, although I’ve lost some applications and a few files. Rough stuff, but guess what Y’ALL? Tomorrow morning I will partake in my senior portfolio review. This will just about wrap up my undergraduate studies. BOOYA. Where to next? Portland? Austin? Brooklyn? Philly?

Anywho, check out this week’s extended mix. Hang Tough!


Kanye West – “Golddigger” (Diplo remix)

ABX – “Tell Me When To Leave (Oh You’re so Hyphy Jens”

Jason the Swamp – “Nobody Lives Down There”

Eric Copeland – “Alien In A Garbage Dump”

Of Montreal – “Nonpareil Of Favor”

Deerhunter – “Operation”

Air France – “Collapsing At Your Doorstep”

Nite Jewel – “What Did He Say”

Pogo – “Alice”

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